The foolproof plan to impress your sweetheart with steak and lobster at home!

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Shopping List


Misc. to check for in the pantry

Olive oil


Instant read thermometer



Broiler pan or cookie sheet with grate

Heavy cast iron pan or similar frying pan

Basic utensils

Serving tray

·      1 Butcher Boy Sweetheart Special

·      Kosher or sea salt

·      Fresh ground black pepper

·      Rich butter, like Kerrygold brand

·      1 head garlic (glorious garlic farms is best!)

·      1 bunch Italian parsley

·      1 bunch fresh chives

·      2 medium Russet potatoes

·      1 bunch asparagus

·      Small tub sour cream


Bonus points!


Done in the days before-

·      Mix one clove of crushed garlic, 1 tsp chopped fresh parsley and a bit of salt and pepper into 2 Tbs. softened butter. Store in fridge and use to garnish steak instead of plain butter

·      Buy a nice tablecloth, centerpiece and un-scented candles with holders.

·      Grab a bottle of red wine. If you can, make it something memorable that you have shared in the past.

·      Put together a custom playlist of your favorite shared tunes

·      Flowers. Never forget the flowers…


The Full Meal Recipe


90 minutes out

·       Turn oven on and set at 350 degrees

·       Fine chop a small handful of parsley and chives separately, smash a clove of garlic, cut tough stems from asparagus, fill small bowl with sour cream, refrigerate all

·       Scrub potatoes well and let dry. Coat potatoes with a bit of olive oil, season with salt and pepper. Wrap tightly in foil.

75 minutes out

·       Place potatoes in heated oven on upper rack. Cook potatoes for 45 minutes, until slightly tender.

·       Remove steak from refrigerator and set on grate/broiler pan with no cover

·       Set table with sea or kosher salt/pepper, wine glasses, napkins and utensils

30 minutes out

·       Drop oven temperature to 250 degrees. Leave door open for a few minutes to let heat out. Leave potatoes in.

·       Put steak in oven on lower rack when temperature has dropped, remove lobster tails from refrigerator.

·       Set a large pot of salted water to boil, covered.

·       Put 4 Tbs. butter, 1 clove crushed garlic and 2-3 turns fresh pepper in small saucepan. Place on low heat. Let butter simmer lightly for 2-3 minutes and remove from heat.

·       Leave another few Tbs. of butter out in a small bowl to warm to room temperature to serve with potatoes

20 minutes out

·       Place 12-16 ice cubes in a large bowl and add cold water

·       Add asparagus to boiling water for 75-90 seconds. Drain and place in ice water to stop cooking. Drain well

·       Open wine and finish setting table. Turn on some tunes to set the mood.

16-18 minutes out

·       Check temperature of steak

·       After 12-16 minutes, steak should be 115 degrees for medium rare, 16-20 minutes and 125 degrees for medium.

15 minutes out

·       Remove steak at correct temperature. Lay a piece of foil over steak. Turn oven up to 450 degrees

·       Unwrap potatoes and move to bottom rack

·       Place lobster tails on grate/broiler pan. Season with salt and pepper. Top each with spoon of butter.

·       Toss asparagus with olive oil, salt and pepper. Lay in single layer on broiler pan with lobster, not touching

·       Place lobster and asparagus in oven on upper rack.

12 minutes out

·       Heat heavy frying pan, cast iron is best, over high heat until just smoking.

·       Turn on the vent, open a window.

8 minutes out

·       Remove lobster tails and asparagus from oven after 7-88 minutes. Cover tightly with foil to hold in the heat.

·       Season steak with salt and pepper. Lay into hot pan, cook without moving for 60 seconds.

·       Flip steak, sear again for 60 seconds. Remove to cutting board when all sides have a nice brown crust

5 minutes out

·       Slice steak in half, then into 1/2” slices, keeping them arranged. Move to serving tray/plate and arrange into heart shape. Top steak with a teaspoon of cold butter on each half

·       Add lobster tails to tray. Garnish all with chopped parsley.

·       Pour garlic butter into small serving bowl and add to tray.

·       Add warmed butter and sour cream for potatoes

·       Arrange baked potatoes and asparagus onto plates. Set at each place setting, set tray in middle of table. Don’t forget serving utensils!

·       Double check for all the food, utensils, condiments, etc.