Starting with the best product is the surefire way to come out on top, but here are some great resources to finish strong!

We invited Chef Clint Jolly in to show us how to cook his favorite Butcher Boy cuts. Here he is with tips for grilling a perfect tri-tip over charcoal.
Chef Clint Jolly joins Butcher Boy for some lessons on brining and grilling chicken. Always a family favorite!
Chef Clint Jolly hits the grill with some tips and tricks on cooking lean, thin cuts like skirt, flank, flat iron, etc.
Chef Clint Jolly joins Butcher Boy to share some summer grilling tips. This time he tackles St. Louis pork spare ribs on a Traeger grill.
Chef Clint Jolly joins Butcher boy to share some tips and trick on grilling the perfect sausage.
Chef Clint Jolly teams up with Butcher Boy to show you the best method of reverse searing a steak on the grill.