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The Jolly family has been serving meats and seafood to Reno for over 80 years. Butcher Boy Meat Market upholds the Jolly’s long-standing tradition of building a relationship with ranchers and bringing customers the tastiest, healthiest and freshest meats and seafood available.

We live by one simple rule- “We would rather serve 1 customer 100 times, than serve 100 customers once.”

when you're in the market for the best

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Maybe the first, always the best!

In the early 90’s we started marinating tri-tips, a cut very few of our customers had ever heard of. Burgundy Pepper Steak was our first flavor, with many more added and taken away since. But one thing is for sure, our cases have been stocked with the best tri-tips around since!

We buy the best choice beef we can and trim every little bit of undesirable fat and sinew from it. They then get marinated in a machine that tumbles them with all the seasonings and spices to get those flavors down deep.

The result is a perfect piece of meat to celebrate your summer holidays and all of National Grilling Month!

Other than some holidays, we are open Tuesday through Saturday from 9am to 6 pm.
Give us a call at 825-6328 to place orders, ask directions, or just to say hello!