A Family Tradition as Reno's Butcher

Ken Jolly learned sausage making not only from his family, but others as well. As a teenager, he was mentored by Dominic who passed down some old world traditions of Italian charcuterie. Louis Jorgensen was the next influence in Ken's art as he learned the Danish and Norwegian styles of sausage. Ken then went on to mentor many others in the same art to ensure the tradition continued. We couldn't even begin to count the combined years of knowledge, though it shows through in the quality of the product to this day.

We would rather serve 1 customer 100 times than 100 customers once.

Part of living up to our motto is educating our customers on how to buy and enjoy their favorite meats. That's why we invited some of the loyal Yelp Reno Elites to join us for a few nights of sausage making and butchering. Check out some behind the scenes of the event below. And if you're interested in learning more from Reno's favorite butcher, click the button to get on our newsletter list.

Ken Jolly invited some loyal customers into the store to learn the art of sausage making.

Ken Jolly invited some loyal customers into the store to learn the art of sausage making.

Ken shares his history of butchering

We teamed up with Yelp Reno to share some of our traditions. Check out the quick video of Ken shares some of his history and the basics of sausage making.

Ken teaches the crew how to make sausage

After a bit of an intro, the guests jumped in and tried their hand at making sausages for themselves. 

Ken Jolly and his "class" for the night

besides quality meat, we want to keep the art of butchery alive for generations to come

We loved having the Yelp crew join us, and we will be sharing more soon as we also cut up a whole lamb from our favorite local ranch- Borda Lamb. See you at the shop!

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