American Style Kobe Beef

The famed Kobe beef is surrounded by all sorts of myths, half truths and legends. But the one constant is that it is always tasty, tender and delicious! True Kobe beef is one of several species of Wagyu that are raised in the Kobe prefecture of Japan. The Wagyu beef we buy and sell comes from the same Japanese bloodstock, but is raised right here in the US on Fort Klamath Ranch by the Goodson family.

We started working with Darryl Goodson earlier this year and have seen rave reviews about his beef. Read on to see why we are proud to sell this Wagyu to our customers.

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The USDA has four quality grading levels for beef, while Japan has 10, eight of which are higher than Prime, the top USDA grade. Each head of cattle on FKR reach 28-30 months in age to achieve optimal marbling, and meets the Japanese grading standards, consistently exceeding the Prime rating.


The Land

Their cattle have free range to forage in the pasture, meadow and forest lands and drink from the cool, natural springs from nearby Crater Lake found on the Goodson’s Ore. property and part-time home. FKR strives to provide a relaxed environment for the herd—cattle aren’t even branded to avoid any stress to them, which can adversely affect the quality and taste of beef.


The Heritage

Beginning in the 1970s, Japan began exporting its prized breed of cattle to the U.S., before declaring Wagyu a national living treasure and cutting off exportation. Bloodlines of each head of cattle within the Goodson’s herd can be traced directly back to Japan. Each is a minimum of 75 percent Wagyu, with most more than 87 percent, and are certified by the American Wagyu Association.

In the valleys surrounding crater lake

There lies a vast bounty of nutritious fields, tranquil groves of aspens and crisp and clear running water. In other words, a paradise for prized cattle to live happily and grow naturally.


Long lives

FKR raises their cattle to the limits of the USDA regulations so that each one can mature and build the flavors and texture that make Wagyu so special

Free Ranging

To take advantage of the natural cycle of life, Borda moves their lambs between summer and winter ranges to keep them on natural and native feed as long as possible.

Whole animal butchering

We buy our Wagyu from FKR one half steer at a time. This allows us to cut them exactly as we like and to take custom orders for every piece of the animal.

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