Certified Berkshire Pork

In our no compromise effort to bring you the best meat you can buy, we proudly sell 100% certified Berkshire breed pork.

Love pork but not shopping? Call 825-MEAT today and order a half or whole hog cut exactly as you like and wrapped for the freezer!

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What is Berkshire?

A heritage breed that originated in England and has been commercially bred in the US since the 1800's, it is one of the oldest breeds of pork around. Berkshire hogs are known for their intense marbling and high PH, both of which contribute to better flavor, juiciness and tenderness.

In Japan the breed is known as Kurobuta, which has led some to call Berkshires "the wagyu of pork". In some ways this is very true, such as in the very selective breeding and certification of blood lines and heritage of each hog during processing.

Simply put, it's a breed of hog that gets fat and tasty, with the processing and certification needed for us to promise each cut is the best we can get for you.

Why certified?

Much like the Wagyu and Black Angus breeds of cattle, ranchers can manipulate their breeding and not be fully honest about their products. Going through the process of certifying each animal means that we can promise that each and every cut we sell you is truly Berkshire and has been processed to the standards that we demand. Our supplier buys hogs certified with both the American Berkshire Association (the oldest swine registry in the world) and the North American Berkshire Association.

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Where do we buy our pork?

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Family Ranches

We source our certified Berkshire from a network of small, family run ranches in Iowa.

Why not local? Because Nevada isn't the best place to raise hogs, and without any source for certified Berkshire. We have decided that going a bit farther for these hogs allows us to bring you the best product at the best price.

The ranches are still raising the animals with respect in open pens and clean conditions. The company that manages the network visits each ranch at least twice annually to ensure quality and consistency to the high standards we set.

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Pork fat rules

We all know by now that the fat in meat is where the flavor and juiciness is. Our Berkshire always has a nice marbling and creamy white fat which we trim by hand, leaving just enough to enhance the cut. 

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Differences in cooking

Because of the fat content, you can cook chops and tenderloins at a bit higher heat and serve them a little pink in the middle. Want to slow cook a pork roast? That same fat will keep the meat wonderfully juicy for a long cooking method as well.

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variety of cuts

Just like nearly all of our fresh meats, we buy the whole animal which means we can sell you any and every cut that you could want. If you're looking for something a bit out of the ordinary, give us a call ahead to be sure we make it happen for you!