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The Jolly family has been serving meats and seafood to Reno for over 80 years. Butcher Boy Meat Market upholds the Jolly’s long-standing tradition of building a relationship with ranchers and bringing customers the tastiest, healthiest and freshest meats and seafood available.

We live by one simple rule- “We would rather serve 1 customer 100 times, than serve 100 customers once.”

when you're in the market for the best

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Your Easter favorites,
the best they can be!

Hams and lambs, say that five times fast!

Jokes aside, we take our Easter treats seriously around Butcher Boy. We buy fresh certified Berkshire pork, cure them in our family’s maple sugar recipe and then slow smoke them with hickory wood. Old school, tasty, tender and memorable to make your holiday tradition a little extra special this year.


The other crowd favorite, lamb, also gets special attention from us and our friends out at Borda Family Ranch. They raise them right, just an hour or so south of Reno in the foothills of the Sierra mountains. No un-needed junk gets added, they graze on spring grasses and get a little help from local grains as well. We buy them whole so we can get you the perfect cut for your holiday dinner table.

call us at 825-MEAT to order

Other than some holidays, we are open Tuesday through Saturday from 9am to 6 pm.
Give us a call at 825-6328 to place orders, ask directions, or just to say hello!