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The Jolly family has been serving meats and seafood to Reno for over 80 years. Butcher Boy Meat Market upholds the Jolly’s long-standing tradition of building a relationship with ranchers and bringing customers the tastiest, healthiest and freshest meats and seafood available.

We live by one simple rule- “We would rather serve 1 customer 100 times, than serve 100 customers once.”

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Ken Making Sausage.jpg

Still doing it by hand

Ken learned to make sausages at a young age from some veteran butchers- Dominic Cartinelli and Louis Jorgensen. They taught him the old world way of blending the tastiest parts of an animal with spices and herbs to create a succulent and memorable meal.

Ken has passed this skill down through generations to keep the tradition alive. These days, Alex is the guy putting the work in on hand made sausages, hams and all of the love we put into them.

Swing by and see what we put fresh in the case today and taste a bit of history. Still done the hard way, because that tradition is important, and tasty!

Other than some holidays, we are open Tuesday through Saturday from 9am to 6 pm.
Give us a call at 825-6328 to place orders, ask directions, or just to say hello!