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It's time to light up the BBQ and dig into some delicious meat!

Invite the neighbors over for a feast, or leave them drooling as they peak over the fence to see where that amazing aroma is coming from.

Whichever your pleasure, this package has you covered.

Marinated choice tri tip, a customer favorite
Your choice of 4 hand made sausages
1.5 lbs. of ground beef for the best burgers ever
4 jalapeño poppers for the perfect grill snack

4 ready to grill chicken kebabs

Just tell our butchers you want the lakeridge deal and it's yours.

We picked these cuts to give you a great mix of our favorite picks for summer time grilling. You can mix and match to make a few dinners for the family or grill it all up at once. Either way, it's a sure fire way to guarantee a great day in the backyard!

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Hand Cut

Each and every piece of meat we sell is hand cut and trimmed to ensure it is the best we can sell you.

That means it's the best for your family and friends!