The Jolly family has been serving quality meats and seafood to Reno residents for over 80 years.


The Jolly Family has been serving quality meats and seafood to Reno for over 80 years!

For centuries the butcher was a mainstay in every town across the country. A smiling face providing the best local meats and seafood to his friends and neighbors. Originally setup as small stand alone shops, then later as a store within a store as the butcher joined forces with the neighborhood grocer. Eventually big business got in the way and consolidated the butchering tradition into big box stores and mega groceries. No longer did you see the man you grew up with feeding your family, instead you were faced with a wall of plastic wrapped meats that had been cut in another state days before. We take great pride in the fact that we have stuck to the generations old tradition of hand cut meats, fresh made sausage and supporting our local foodshed.

George S. Jolly started the family on the butchering path in 1932 when he opened Rovetti’s on Sierra Street. He quickly joined the local Butcher’s Union to support his profession. Soon after in 1937 came Sparks Market on B Street to serve the folks in the railroad city. Keep in mind this was at a time that the only main road connecting the two cities was 4th street, and it was dirt...

After a decade or so in business George bought into the California Market, one of the biggest outfits in town. He ran the meat department inside the market on Virginia Street, right where the Eldorado sits now, until he retired to become labor commissioner for the state of Nevada. Luckily his son, Dallas Jolly, had learned the trade from his father and desired to keep the tradition alive. Dallas opened the original Butcher Boy in 1974 in Sparks as there were no independent shops in town at that time. A few years later, he purchased the Reno Meat Company on Plaza Street to bring the family back downtown. 

Ken Jolly was a teenager when Butcher Boy opened and he quickly went to work sweeping floors and earning his way  into the trade. He would spend time behind the counter with his uncle Dallas mastering the craft of customer service. Dallas was always a jovial man that hardly ever had a customer leave without a laugh. When Ken wasn't at the counter he would spend his time in the cutting room with Dominic Cartinella learning the craft of charcuterie from his old world Italian teachings.

As did three generations before him, Clint Jolly started in the business at a young age. As a tiny 6 year old, he could be seen helping in the shop that had now expanded into a small deli and neighborhood grocer. Clint followed the path of his father, great uncle and great grandfather through the traditional old world style training of butchering and sausage making. 

The Jolly family is proud to honor the generations before us in keeping the neighborhood butcher shop alive. A shop where supporting local ranchers is the norm and not just a sales pitch. A shop that takes pride in every cut that leaves the doors. A shop that strives to make sure you and your family eat the tastiest, healthiest and freshest meats and seafood available. All while keeping a smile on our face as we bring one to yours.



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