Great meat has a great story

When the Jolly family closed up shop in 2009 they knew it was just the beginning of a new chapter. Ken Jolly set out to find a truly special product to deliver to his friends and customers in his next venture. He found that at Bench Creek Ranch and is happy to deliver the best quality beef he has found to Reno and Sparks.

Owned by Paul Plouviez and Shizuko Shimada, Bench Creek Ranch is at the forefront of modern ranching based on timeless tradition. The ranch truly is unique in Western Nevada, being fully sustainable and off grid. Solar, wind and hydro power generators run all parts of the ranch and water is conserved and held on property to manage these fading resources. That's a mighty effort for a 600,000 plus are ranch!

The Angus cattle themselves are raised in a natural environment, foraging on high desert grasses and natural spring water with a density of only one cow per 300 acres (many area ranches have one cow per 40 acres). This wide open approach allows the cattle to graze naturally and let the land replenish the feed without human intervention. Once the cattle are ready to wean, they are kept on property and finished with all natural Omega 3 fortified feed to ensure the best quality beef available.

Find out more about Bench Creek Ranch on their website.